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Level 3 Communications earnings comments by D Klein 07/30/09

There is only one word for this quarters earnings report, disappointing.  They missed (my) expectations on all important metrics such as core revenue, EBIDTA, and most importantly free cash flow (FCF).  2009 revenue per diluted share is coming in at … Continue reading

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Microsoft earnings by D Klein 07/25/09

MSFT missed earnings by two cents per share, in part due to deferring 276 million in revenue for Windows 7 or two cents per share, and one time charges resulting in another two cents per share.  Actual results were $0.34 … Continue reading

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Telular (WRLS) Revenue vs diluted shares by D Klein 07/21/09

Going on the same theme I used in my last blog on LVLT I decided to take a look at Telular through the same lens.  Below is the raw data per the numbers I publish on the investor exchanges web … Continue reading

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Level 3 (LVLT) revenue vs diluted shares by D Klein 7/19/09

Trying to predict the future direction of this stock has not been easy over the years.  The unbelievable projections given by management in pre-2000 caused the stock to soar above $100 per share amid the internet euphoria and it turned … Continue reading

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Frontier Communications (FTR) and Verizon by D. Klein 7/9/2009

Frontier announced a deal with Verizon Communications (in May) under which Frontier will acquire approximately 4.8 million access lines from Verizon. The Verizon properties will be packaged into an entity called SpinCo and merged with FTR. The all stock transaction … Continue reading

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Microsoft (MSFT)

Trying to figure out if Microsoft is a good investment going forward is not an easy task, especially considering its performance over the last few years and any conclusion could be completely wrong.  Has the economic downturn provided a good … Continue reading

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Telular held much promise in the years past but never capitalized on it.  The hope was that fixed cellular phones would takeoff worldwide, unfortunately Telular could not compete with the low cost providers in Asia.  They have since exited this … Continue reading

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