Windows phone: A quick review from an average (new) consumer.

I finally updated our phone plan and we decided to take a chance on the windows phone.  The phone is a Sprint htc Arrive and was $99.00 with a 2 year plan.  After a few days I have to admit this phone is very user-friendly.  Now I don’t need a million apps on my phone so I can’t comment on this topic.

Most know about the tiles so suffice it to say it makes things simple to access and tiles can be easily added, deleted and rearranged.  I have tiles that take me to people I contact often, email, messages, internet, GPS nav., etc.  Here are some things I was pleasantly surprised with.  Now I know there are people more tech savvy than I, so maybe this is well-known stuff.

Zune:  I thought Zune was a dead brand name but when I plugged the phone into my computer I was asked to download the Zune software to manage music, video and pictures so I did.  Now I have an iPod not a Zune but most of the music is not protected (from my old CD’s etc.)  Zune organized all my music and I could sync it with my phone.  I was wondering why the phone came with earphones.  The phone is the new Zune player.  When I selected an artist the album cover came up and of course my phone showed a history of the artists albums’ which I can download for a price.

Windows live:  All my contacts, calendar events, email, etc., show up on my phone.  This was automatic when I signed into my account.  Event reminders show up on the theme page when the phone is locked and on the calendar tile when not. The phone was also listed on my live site as a device.  From here I can track it if lost, ring it in case I misplaced it around the house or lock it so no one can use it.

Camera:  You don’t have to turn the phone first to use the camera.  Just hit the camera button and the phone goes right into picture-taking mode. It’s a 5 megapixel camera.

Office:  I haven’t used this much but you can create or open office documents such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and One note.   You can also access SharePoint server 2010.

The internet works fine and when I’m around my Wi-Fi the phone uses the network which it locates automatically.  This particular phone does not have 4G (3G only) which made no difference to me since I do not have 4G in our area, although it’s my understanding that the new phones coming out will be 4G capable.  My daughter does have 4G in her area and her Android phone is 4G capable.  She tells me 4G is extremely fast.

We bought our phones and plan through Best Buy.  As I was looking at all the phones they had displayed for Sprint at a display area for the providers I did not see the Windows phone.  At first I assumed Sprint did not carry them but I asked the salesperson anyway.  They had the phones but they had them at a in another area on their own.  Now the separate display was nice and had videos etc., but If I did not ask I would have never known they had them since none were included with the provider displays.

My daughter chose the Google phone because she preferred the larger screen and she is happy with her choice, although her battery life is less than the Windows phone, I’m guessing due to the screen size.  We expect Google and Apple to have great phones but I think Microsoft now has an attractive alternative.

I’ve only had the phone for two days but so far I’m very satisfied.

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1 Response to Windows phone: A quick review from an average (new) consumer.

  1. Tom says:

    Windows Phone 7 has gotten very good reviews. The problem is the complete and utter lack of marketing.

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