Teva: Growth, Yield And Value All Wrapped In One Package

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (TEVA) is a global pharmaceutical company. Headquartered in Israel, Teva is the world’s largest generic drug maker, with a global product portfolio of more than 1,300 molecules and a direct presence in about 60 countries. While the core business is generic pharmaceuticals, approximately 31% of sales are generated from innovative and branded drugs, which include Copaxone® for multiple sclerosis and Azilect® for Parkinson’s disease as well as biosimilars, respiratory and
women’s health products. Teva currently employs approximately 42,000 people
around the world and reached $16.1 billion in net sales in 2010.

TEVA has raised their dividend each year for more than a decade. The current dividend is 3.2 Shekel (NIS) or about $0.86 per share; yielding 2.3% at the time of this writing. The payout to free cash flow is about 23% so there is room for continued dividend increases going forward.

The majority of sales are located in the United States. Regional sales reported in Q2/11 are as follows:  …………. Read the full article at SA


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