New section added to the IIEX website

I’ve been developing Excel files/templates that use excels web query to retrieve data from financial sites and place the data in a spreadsheet.  No add-ons required. All templates are macro driven. This is a trial run to determine if I want to make this a permanent part of the website. All files are in the test phase so if you want to try one out send an email to & I’ll send a copy. All files were developed with Excel 2010.

Since these have not been widely tested there will most likely be a bug somewhere so until I decide to continue this new section long term I will send some files out to those willing to test them.  The files available are at:

If there are no major bugs I will upload them to the website so direct downloads are available.  This also depends on how useful people think the files are and other feedback.




About IIEX

Click "About" in the menu at the top for more information about the author. We also have a page at "Seeking Alpha" ( ). Please Click on and read the "Disclaimer" in the menu at the top. Have a question? Contact us at
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