I am not in the brokerage/finance industry and am not a professional at finance or any related field. I have a degree in Civil engineering although I spent most of my career in construction management and very little doing actual engineering calculations. As a result of investment decisions I was able to retire and turn my attention to full time investing and research which has always been my passion.This is the best forum to share my ideas and research for those interested in my work. 

This site was developed so I can easily share and exchange investment ideas. I’ve been investing full time for over 13 years now and recently have developed a model based, in part, on the Graham/Buffett principles. The results are located on the Value Calcs tab. Models or fair values not on this page are not Graham/Buffet but more “what if”, speculating on future growth rates, i.e. high risk.

We also have a page at “Seeking Alpha“. If you are a member (signing up is free) you can receive alerts for IIEX articles and join the conversation in the comment section for a particular article. To receive alerts go here then click the “Follow” button on the left, then go to your email preferences and check the “Author Alerts” box.
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