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Microsoft Surface And Market Potential

On June 18 Microsoft (MSFT) gave a preview of their upcoming tablet called Surface. The tablet market is growing rapidly and consolidating around Apple (AAPL) and Android lead by Google (GOOG). IDC forecast 107.4 million units in 2012 (Click for … Continue reading

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Best Buy And Intel: Undervalued, yielding over 2% and experiencing aggressive stock buy backs

Best Buy (BBY) is currently yielding 2.66%. We first looked at BBY in detail back in April then the stock was trading at $28.71. The company repurchased approximately $1.2 billion or 33 million shares, which is over 8% of the previously … Continue reading

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Is Best Buy Undervalued?

Best Buy (BBY) is a multinational retailer of consumer electronics, home office products, entertainment software, appliances and related services. I’ve done my share of shopping at Best Buy for computers, printers, etc. but I admit I’ve also checked out products … Continue reading

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