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Is The Stock Market Getting Too Expensive?

I’ve written several articles over the past few years where I argued the market was not extremely overvalued when many used the historical average Shiller PE to highlight the market as being, well, extremely overvalued.  The problem with using the … Continue reading

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A Simple Way To Generate Additional Income From Stocks You Own Or Would Like To Own

INTRODUCTION: This article is directed at those who are new to the option market, consider themselves proficient at valuing stocks and would like to squeeze some additional income from current or possible future holdings. It is not a comprehensive look … Continue reading

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The Many Faces Of Microsoft

It’s been almost two years since we said the following in a previous article: Microsoft (MSFT) continues to churn out impressive results in spite of fear the Windows division cash cow era will come to an end. The intense focus … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With Microsoft?

INTRODUCTION: Microsoft’s (MSFT) stock has been range bound for the last decade while revenues and EPS more than doubled.  The five year period covering 1996-2001 the top line was growing at a CAGR over 20%.  In 2001 the P/E was … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With Apple?

INTRODUCTION: Our last article, “Apple Is Still A Bargain, Likely Headed Past $500”, the stock was trading at $489.  Not only did the stock cross $500 but $600 then $700 on September 18, 2012.  The stock has been back tracking … Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface And Market Potential

On June 18 Microsoft (MSFT) gave a preview of their upcoming tablet called Surface. The tablet market is growing rapidly and consolidating around Apple (AAPL) and Android lead by Google (GOOG). IDC forecast 107.4 million units in 2012 (Click for … Continue reading

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Measuring Dividend Safety

One investing goal is finding undervalued companies where the dividend is not only safe but has the ability to grow going forward, providing a steady income stream.  The idea for this article came after reading David Van Knapp’s article titled, … Continue reading

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