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Is The Overall Market Cheap Yet?

ANSWER: Not yet but not wildly overpriced either. Look at end dates for various historical periods with the interactive model at: https://iiex.sharepoint.com/Pages/ShillerPE.aspx

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How I use Excel to analyze stocks

Programs such as Excel, Access, etc. how become incredibly powerful and can be powerful tools in the hands of the individual investor. I’ll share my experience with a program I developed in Excel that has become invaluable for me.  This is not … Continue reading

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IIEX 2Q-2015 Newsletter

The IIEX June 2015 Newsletter can be read at this link: IIEX Newsletter. Includes a market update, focus stock (LVLT) update and excel template notes.

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Using Shiller To Project Market Returns

Summary Future S&P returns not as enticing as past periods. Examples using Shiller data to project earnings growth over a 5 and 10 year range. Going forward a heavier weighting of dividend stocks could be a safer alternative to stocks … Continue reading

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IIEX 1Q-2015 Newsletter

The 1Q-2015 Newsletter can be viewed here.

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IIEX 4Q-2014 Newsletter

The 4Q-2014 Newsletter can be viewed here.

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A Unique Way To Use The Shiller PE As A Market Indicator

First let me say general market indicators are no substitute for analyzing individual securities although the difficulty in finding bargains increases as market indicators trend toward extreme overvaluations.  You should always update your analysis on stock holdings to ensure they … Continue reading

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