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Is A Market Correction Looming?

As the market reaches new highs one has to wonder if there is a correction looming or will the markets continue posting new highs as time marches on. Opinions are varied from Cal Icahn recently saying: I am very cautious … Continue reading

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A Bull And Bear Case For The Market

What if we could see where the overall market was heading? Predictions abound and let’s face it, there’s a 50% chance of being correct. Back in April the Wall Street Journal ran a story titled “Is the Market Overvalued?” We … Continue reading

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Is Another Correction Coming, Or Is The Worst Over?

In July we penned an article titled “Market Correction on the Horizon? Use Caution Going Forward”. The major fear at the time was whether the US would raise the debt ceiling or risk, however remote, a possible default. The concerns … Continue reading

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How Companies Would Gain From a U.S. Tax Holiday on Repatriated Funds

This topic generates passions on both sides of the aisle. Those for a tax amnesty on repatriated funds argue it will generate billions in additional corporate tax revenue, fund pension plans, raise wages, create jobs, invest in new plants and … Continue reading

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