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Market To Level 3 Communications Investors, Do We Have Liftoff?

The complete article has been published on the Seeking Alpha site. The link below will take you to the article: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3873366-market-level-3-communications-investors-liftoff The article is an update to the previous article using full year 2015 financial results.

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The Hidden Revenue Juicer For Level 3 Communications

Those that follow my writings know Level 3 Communications (LVLT) has been the focus stock on my website since mid-2013.  One complaint I hear most is revenue is growing at single digit rates, i.e, not high enough. One metric that is not talked … Continue reading

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How Safe Is Windstream’s Dividend?

Our first article on Windstream (WIN) concluded: Waiting to see how the second half develops may be the prudent path before allocating new or additional cash toward this investment. The day the article was published Windstream closed at 11.27. While … Continue reading

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Has Frontier Communications Turned The Corner?

The key for Frontier Communications (FTR) turning the corner is to show improvements in revenue trends which ripple through the financials affecting free cash flow and by default the safety of the dividend.  Let’s face it investors in Frontier are … Continue reading

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Do Frontier Communications’ Pension Obligations Pose A Threat To The Dividend?

Past comments on various Frontier Communications (FTR) articles have expressed concern the funding gap in the retirement and pension funds would start eating into cash required for capital expenditures, debt reduction and the biggest worry, dividends, especially if the unfunded … Continue reading

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Frontier Communications – Is The Worst Over Or Is There More To Come?

Frontier Communications (FTR) has been a terrible investment over the last few years. The following chart highlights the misery for a company that has cut the dividend 60% (from $1.00 to $0.40) over the years due to a persistent revenue … Continue reading

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Level 3 Communications interactive model

My LVLT model has been available for download as a PDF file for years (found here) however it’s based on my input. I’ve set up a test page where you can test your own assumptions by applying your own input … Continue reading

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